ynnappropriate: Just wondering, how wide was the AM bracelet you made? :) As in how many rows and how many inches?

i don’t have the bracelet with me now, but it’s maybe 3/4 an inch and 15 rows i think?

Anonymous: how did you get so noticed? your bracelets are perfect. i wanna sell some of mine but nobody checks my shop out, do you have any advice?

i haven’t been on in forever! i don’t know if you’ll ever see this now :/ i think tumblr really helped my business, just tag your stuff and whatnot to get your bracelets out there :)


made a new superman bracelet!
this one is for sale :)
thecoolcatzbraceletsthecoolcatz braceletshttp://thecoolcatzbracelets.tumblr.com/post/75740394771/thecoolcatzbracelets-made-a-new-superman
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